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helping speakers get bookED




"Adam! You put a lot of hard work and effort into helping us get set up correctly, and we really appreciate your focused help!"

Sherree Sharron

"Building a business shouldn’t be hard. Adam O’Leary takes the try out of it and sends you straight to success!"

Jesue Walker

"Adam O’Leary I’ve bugged him, asked him 1,000 questions, and bugged him to a point were I expected him not to respond. Low and behold, he has preformed above and beyond. He’s been that kind of a guy that’s been there, and Adam actually is concerned and wants my business to succeed. Now, Thanks to Adam I am now charging 40% more than what I was charging just 6 months ago."

Daniel Isaaih

"Adam is amazing! He can quickly understand what is going on in your business and give you super action steps that you can make right away to make a difference in your business! He is all about taking action and making it simple and easy to do! He has given me advice no other mentor has been able to give me!"

Janet More

OUR foolproof PROCESS

We are a team that goes above and beyond to get you the results that you have always dreamed of. 


Before we start anything we take an in depth look at your needs, and where you want to speak, and which events might make the most sense to hire you.

2. PROSPECTOnce we have everything we need in order to sell you, our researcher goes through and starts preparing the perfect target list of places that would be a perfect match for you.

3. OUTREACHWe start the reach out process by email, social media, phone… whatever it takes to get in touch of the person who books your events.

4. FOLLOW UPWe stay in touch with all prospects to make sure no good opportunities slip through the cracks.

5. CLOSE THE DEALWe help assist you in closing the deal, and getting you paid.

6. SPEAKYou go do what you do best, and that’s speak! 

We keep the cycle going for months and years to come so you always stay booked 🙂

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